What about Vision?

WandaVision has been mind-bending from the first episode; you know the one that looked like classic The Dick Van Dyke Show or I love Lucy? Right from the beginning, the strange reality presented was full of generalizations and inaccuracies. Like, what did Vision do for work? And why couldn’t either of them remember anything from before? Why did Vision’s boss and his wife seem off, especially when the boss started choking?

Vision never seemed to buy into this strange reality from the beginning. As each episode came and went, with their world-changing around them from black and white to color, from 1950’2 era styles to ever-changing new styles for each decade, their new reality presented. Visions synthezoid (part human cells mixed with that of an android) brain has continually struggled to reconcile the world he is experiencing with his computer brain.

After the arrival of his “Brother-in-Law” Pietro Maximoff, which, as we discussed, is already not right, Vision decides to get to the bottom of the world he knows as Westview under the guise of the “neighborhood watch” on Halloween.

The little inaccuracies he has noticed from episode to episode seem to increase as vision explores his town. The farther away from Wanda and his kids (by the way, Wanda and Vision now have kids, but that’s another story, I can’t cover everything here, just go watch the show1), the more the world of Westview seems to unravel. Wanda’s influence over this town seems to be different the further from Wanda that Vision walks. He notices people doing tasks in loops and even a woman crying as she repeatedly hangs decorations over and over again.

Vision begins to realize that Wanda controls Westview and the people of Westview are her captives.

We then find out exactly why Vision could lift Thor’s hammer in Avenger’s: Age of Ultron; why he truly is worthy.

Vision finds the edge of the “Hex.” Which is the name Darcy Lewis has given to Wanda’s Westview’s phenomena. Vision pushes himself out of Westview, but the reality-warping energy holds him. As he pushes harder and begins to free himself from the strange reality inside, his body starts disintegrating. Vision doesn’t care; he needs to get a message out and try to save the people under Wanda’s (the love of his life, BTW) control.

But it is quite evident (at least to me) that Vision cannot exist outside of the “Hex” and only survives because Wanda pushes the boundaries further out encompassing the now dying vision, as well as the SWORD camp stationed just on the outskirts of Westview.

So here is the question; Is the Vision alive or the creation of Wanda? Here is another question; If he is a creation of Wanda, why does he have a separate mind and will from hers?

By Andrew J. Mair


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http://andrewjmair.com — Author of “Tales Of A Paperboy_A Christmas Story.”

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