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Mair Andrew

The RALLY system is a modular but enclosed system. Meaning when all connected together it will provide you with a high-quality camera, mics, and speakers acting as one unit. The full system is not designed to integrate with another system.

(The above picture shows a Rally Plus system which comes…

The Logitech Swytch is combining HDMI and USB connectivity.

The system includes:

  1. Swytch Connector (this is what you plug into the laptop)
  2. Swytch Hub (situated near the PC or Room Device, likely behind the display or in a cabinet)
  3. Swytch Extender (Situated near wherever the laptop will be that drives the meeting. …

Standardizing on one platform is often preferred because it provides consistency and ease of use to those using the systems. But what if your company has standardized on Teams or Zoom, and you get a call from another provider? …

The Rally Plus and the Rally are really the same product; only the Rally plus has an additional speaker and mic pod.

What’s Included?


  1. Camera
  2. Display Hub
  3. Table Hub
  4. Mic Pod
  5. Speaker
  6. HDMI Cable
  7. USB-C to USB-C Cable
  8. USB-A to USB-B Cable
  9. CAT6a Cable
  10. Power Cable
  11. Remote

Rally Plus

A few weeks ago, I left my former company, Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom), and embarked on a new opportunity; I joined the Presales engineering team at Logitech. If someone had told me five years ago that Logitech would be one of the leaders in video conferencing along with my…

Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom)

By Gary Kepekchyan, Joey Morley, and Andrew Mair

The video collaboration industry has been growing and evolving for years. In 2020, the need for humans to connect over video accelerated almost overnight. Enter Poly…

Poly develops products and services that are simple and consistent to…

In my twenties, I worked in the construction industry. I was a lab and field technician focusing on the installation of soil and foundations. My job was to verify whether or not the contractor installed concrete projects and the soil beneath them correctly. I did this via lab and field…

What is the Nexus?

In WandaVision, almost every episode has included a cryptic message in the form of an advertisement. These ads match the time and style of the episode and playoff some trauma that Wanda has experienced.

WandaVision Episode 1 — “ToastMate 2000”

ToastMate 2000 is an obvious…

Agnes, played by Kathrine Hahn, is the first person from Westview to meet in WandaVision Episode 1. Agnes was the neighbor who greeted Wanda after she and Vision moved to Westview. …

WandaVision has been mind-bending from the first episode; you know the one that looked like classic The Dick Van Dyke Show or I love Lucy? Right from the beginning, the strange reality presented was full of generalizations and inaccuracies. Like, what did Vision do for work? And why couldn’t either…

Mair Andrew

Sales Engineer, author, and blogger lives with the motto, “How Can I help?”

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